Ballet Classes

Are you interested in taking ballet classes?

Ballet and classical dance are forms that are characterized by the absolute control of the body and, unlike other forms of dance, consist of specific, codified steps. Every part of the body participates from your hands to your back and to your feet, combining a muscular and mental dynamic that facilitates full and free movement. This strict technique is crucial to a dancer’s ability to excel and reach a point where it is possible to move efficiently, with ease and full expression. Although ballet has a very specific base and set steps, there are different schools of technique that very from region including Agrippina Vagánova and Nicolai Legat (rusos ambos) as well as Enrico Cecchetti (italiano).

Ballet classes are divided in groups of different ages and levels. You can choose the one that fits you best. Class will vary depending on level. Those who are just beginning ballet will learn the basic steps and focus on technique in order to acquire a solid base. Ballet is a progressive form and, therefore, as one excels, they will learn variations on steps that increasingly become more challenging as well as focus on memorizing exercises that are longer and more complex. It is never too late to start dancing classical ballet

Classes are taught by Elena Blanque. She began learning classical ballet at a very young age. She studied dance at the Conservatorio Profesional Reina Sofia de Granada, where in 2006 she received a professional degree in Classical Dance. She also studied in the Grado Superior de Danza in Málaga with a concentration in Classical Dance Pedagogy, at which time she also actively participated in a range of performances, galas and workshops. Throughout her career, she has constantly broadened her training, working with renowned professors in classical and contemporary dance. In 2012 she began her master’s degree at the Instituto Universitario de Danza Alicia Alonso-Universidad Ret Juan Carlos, in Madrid. For a few years she has been teaching classical ballet in various schools in Málaga and Granada, combining this with research in order to continue to grow as an artist.

Adult Beginner
Monday and Wednesday

Children Beginner
Monday and Wednesday

Intermediate Advanced
Monday and Wednesday

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