October 2014

Are you interested in practicing Yoga? We are now offering Yoga Class – No experience is necessary! Yoga (Sanskrit Yoga) refers to a mental and physical discipline that originated in India and is also associated with meditational practices found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. For those who have a religious stance, Yoga encourages the union between the individual soul with the divine (Brahman, Shivá, Kalí, etc), and for non-religious practitioners, it is a discipline that is beneficiary to the mind and body.

Hip Hop Dance in Granada You want to dance Hip-Hop! Classes have just started. We are offering a class for beginners that is perfect for you. In the 90’s, with the evolution and success in the Hip-Hop scene as well as its growing popularity in the music industry, a new form was created out of New School called the New Style. This style is based in the Old School techniques (Break-Dancing, Locking and Popping) but rather than focusing on improvisation it is centered around choreography and floor positions, with the intent of being performed in music videos and concerts. In the New Style and LA Style you can also find influences of Jazz, Hindu, and African dance amongst many other forms that are also present in Old School.